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Profile - Daisy Tay

Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
LLB (Hons), London
Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple)
Commissioner for Oaths

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Daisy was admitted to the rolls of Advocates and Solicitors in Singapore in 1995. She is also a Commissioner for Oaths. Daisy conducts free legal clinic at the Dover Park Hospice. In matrimonial matters, Daisy’s patience has endeared her to divorce clients because she believes that the client’s needs are paramount. Her client is never left alone to walk the path of divorce.

Her main areas of practice are as follows :

Property and real estate which includes :
  • Sale and purchase of private properties (residential and commercial)
  • Sale and purchase of HDB properties (residential and commercial)
  • Financing pertaining to the purchase of properties (residential and commercial)
  • Refinancing of properties (residential and commercial0
  • Redemption of loan
  • Sale and purchase of part share in property
  • Change in manner of holding in property

Matrimonial matters (including drafting of pre-nuptial agreements)
Corporate and Commercial matters which includes :
  • Incorporation and striking off of companies
  • Registration and dissolution of businesses
  • Corporate Secretarial matters
  • Sale of Shares in a company (involving property)
  • Drafting of agreements
  • Tenancy agreements (for landlords and tenants)
  • Lease agreements (residential and commercial)
  • Disputes involving partners, shareholders and Directors
Probate and Estate
  • Wills
  • Application for Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration
  • Deed Poll, Power of Attorney (General and HDB)