Property Lawyer Singapore

If you wish to buy, sell, mortgage or refinance a property ,It is essential to consult a lawyer for your property related transactions in Singapore where the prices of the property fluactuate often and property rules and legislation change frequently.

In Singapore, our property lawyer team will help you in the following areas to:

  • Buy or sell Private Property (both commercial and residential)
  • Buy or sell (Housing Development Board (HDB)
  • Finance pertaining to the purchase of Property
  • Redeem loans
  • Prepare Tenancy Agreements for both Landlord and Tenant
  • Prepare Lease Agreements for both Commercial and Private Properties
  • Settle post-divorce property Transactions
  • Sell or purchase shares in Company involving property
  • Transfer share in property
  • Power of Attorney (General)
  • Power of Attorney HDB Property)
  • Sever Joint Tenancy from Tenants in common & vice Versa