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Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
LLB (Hons), London
Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple)
Accredited Collaborative Family Practitioner [CFP]

Commissioner for Oaths
Notary Public


Gulab was called to the Bar in May 1994. In addition to being an Advocate & Solicitor, he is also a  Commissioner for Oaths and a Notary Public.

He has been in practice now for close to 25 years. His core area of legal practice is family/divorce law, with a particular emphasis on matrimonial/divorce law. He is named as a leading lawyer in the Doyles Guide for Family & Divorce Lawyers 2015.

He is a very experienced and caring family/ divorce lawyer, handling each case with the utmost sensitivity, patience, empathy and a sympathetic ear, striving to provide workable, practical, sensible and cost effective solutions. For Gulab, wherever possible, a resolution should be reached with minimal acrimony and through the co-operation of and dialog between both parties, whether between themselves or through their respective legal advisors. This is so important as it has the benefit of saving clients heartache, time and of course, money.

Gulab deals with a broad spectrum of matrimonial work which includes:

*Contentious and non-contentious divorce and the annulment of marriages.

*Advising clients on ancillary issues, in both contentious and non-contentious situations, an inevitability in most divorce situations which includes:

  • the division of the matrimonial home;
  • the division of matrimonial assets apart from the matrimonial home;
  • maintenance for parties and children of the marriage;
  • custody, care and control of the children of the marriage; and
  • access to the children of the marriage, amongst other issues.
  • Claims for Personal Protection Orders and Domestic Exclusion Orders in situations involving, physical/verbal abuse, threats of abuse and harassment.

*Claims for maintenance in non-divorce situations for wives and children.

*Custody of children and access in non-divorce situations under the Guardianship of Infants Act.

*Drawing up Deeds of Separation and negotiating on the terms of separation.

*Other aspects of Gulab’s practice include:

*Drawing up Wills, Deed Polls and Powers of Attorney.

*Drawing up Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

*Assisting Executors and Personal Representatives in applying for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration for the purpose of administering the estates of deceased loved ones;

*Family Settlements and Trusts.



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