Enforcement of Maintenance Arrears

1) At the Family Court


  • filing of Magistrate Complaint directly at Family Court
  • filing of Magistrate Complaint via video at (A) Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations and (B) Tampines Family Service Centre

The Family Court can order:

  • Warrant of arrest to be issued if the defaulter fails to show up in Court
  • Defaulter to pay up, if not be committed to jail
  • Garnishee against defaulter’s bank or debtors (the bank/debtor will pay to you directly)
  • Attachment of earning order against the Defaulter’s employer
  • Defaulter to furnish banker’s guarantee to you where you can draw money upon default

2) At the DP SME Commercial Credit Bureau

  • Listing defaulter who do not pay up on time so that financial institutions are alerted as to defaulter’s credit standing
  • Obtain financial advice to better manage maintenance payments
  • Tracing of defaulter
  • Collection of arrears