Singapore Divorce & Matrimonial Lawyer

We are here to guide you at your hardest phase of your life that everyone wants to overcome with success. We will help you to legally face the situation to lead a stress-free post-divorce life. No two people are alike. Even kins are not alike. When two people start living together under the same roof, they expect each other to the extent that wrong side of their lives, behavior or conduct surfaces. Conflicts in marriage is normal and even necessary for a healthy relationship but the extent to which it leads matters.

Matrimonial breakdown is always an emotional setback in anyone‘s life. The severity raises when children’s are involved. It is not only adversely affect the self-esteem of children but also makes them easy prey to criminality .Before going for divorce, all the options must be wisely taken into account. The thought for divorce should come, one and only if there is no way to save the marriage. Even if there is a small way, we will direct you towards it. However if divorce is the only option, then we will work towards it, and we will help you to come out as soon as possible.

Matrimonial Law is our forte and our area of practice includes

  • Divorce and Annulment
  • Custody, care and control and access of children
  • Claim for Matrimonial Asset, legal Custody and access of children
  • Claim for maintenance
  • Spouse and Child Abuse
  • Apply for Expedited Orders, Personal Protection Orders and Domestic Exclusion Orders
  • Deeds of Separation and Pre-nuptial Agreements

In Crossbows LLP, our divorce & matrimonial lawyers from Singapore are passionate about their works. We are committed to work for those who put their trust on us.