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Clients often remark, with resignation, that it’s so easy getting married but so difficult to get a divorce. Whilst that may be true in some cases, most cases need not be so. At Crossbows, we try very hard to minimise acrimony and help you to work out a sensible and practical arrangement with your soon to be ex-spouse.

After all, divorce in itself is a heartbreaking, heart wrenching, gut-wrenching, highly emotional and stressful event. Why would anyone make an already difficult situation even harder? And it gets worse if there are children involved. They are always the silent observers and victims of the ongoing tussle between their parents. There is really no reason for this to happen.

Empowering our clients to work towards a settlement is our first line of approach with any divorce situation. Litigation is the last resort, a route to take when all other avenues and options have been thoroughly explored and there is absolutely no choice but to do so. The great General Sun Tzu, a military strategist, thinker, writer and philosopher said,  “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”. This is so profound and still so relevant and applicable even today.

There are really no winners or losers in any divorce and proving the same in court, will not only cost a tidy fortune, but it would prove to be a futile exercise as the Courts do not view divorcing parties in such terms. You can achieve an eminently fair and workable settlement through moderated negotiations. Taking this path will not only give you and your spouse, assuming he/she is likeminded, power to work out your own settlement, it will also save you considerable time, frustration, emotional distress and of course, money.

And, if you have children and you are seeking access or your spouse is, and if you both have joint custody of the children, which is usually the case, then consider this: you and your ex-spouse will continue to work together for the sake of the children until they turn 21 years old. This is unavoidable. This working relationship that you will have to foster with your ex-spouse can be cordial and a mutually respectful one or it can be a bitter, confrontational one. You and your spouse can choose what it will be and we hope that it will be one of fostering a mutually respectful relationship.

It also needs to be noted that the Court too encourages parties to resolve their disputes amicably and in any case where there is at least one child who is under the age of 21 years, the Court convenes mandatory counselling and mediation session/s at the Child Focused Resolution Centre, during which time, the Court, through its Judge-Mediators and Family Counsellors and with the assistance of the parties’ respective lawyers, tries to assist parties in resolving the divorce amicably.

This for us is the road map, for a typical divorce:

  • If there is any hope of reconciliation, waste no time in exploring this. Do whatever it takes to heal the rift; get professional help in the form of marriage counsellors/therapists if necessary and work at it. Reconciliation must always be the first option if this is a possibility. This becomes imperative of course when children are involved.
  • If there is truly no hope at all and the marriage is absolutely unsalvageable, then, the only solution would be to bring it to an end. How it ends is important. Re-read our thoughts on this above. You and your spouse have the choice to have your divorce end badly or nicely. If the right circumstances exist for an amicable settlement, go for it.

Our family and divorce lawyers, Gulab Sobhraj, Michael Low and Daisy Tay are passionate about what they do.

If a listening ear and sensible practical advice is what you are seeking, call us at 6532 9980, schedule an appointment with one of our family and divorce lawyers and let us work with you and empower you.


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1.过快结束婚姻。 2. 当着孩子的面批评另一位父或母。 3. 在儿童面前吵架或打架。 4. 做出错误的假设。 5. 停止探望儿童。 6. 使用不适合或伤人的话。 7. 把孩子当作线人或间谍。 8. 把孩子当红颜知己分享你在离婚时的负面情绪。 9. 强迫孩子选爸爸还是妈妈。 10. 拖欠赡养费 11.被孩子操纵而没有意识到。 12. 不遵守探望时间安排。 13. 忽视自己的照顾。 (改编自 Lisa Rene Reynolds...

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Parenting Mistakes in a divorce

  Ends the marriage too quickly.   Criticizes the other parent in children’s presence.   Fights in children’s presence.   Makes wrongful assumptions.   Ceases access to a child.   Uses the wrong or hurtful words.   Uses the child as...

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我们必须控制新冠肺炎,国家需要我们全民做出努力,才会打破新冠肺炎在社区传播。例如,许多孩子正在接受家庭学习(HBL)作为措施的一部分。在这段打破传播的期间,我们律师楼对已离婚夫妇有一些建议。这是从有关当局和法律的各种指南中,总结出来的。 首先,不要将孩子送到祖父母的照顾下。切断普通家庭的互动能阻止新冠肺炎的传播。最重要的是,可以保护老年人免受任何感染。 ...

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Can I change my child’s name after a divorce?

An adult can change own name by signing a deed poll at the lawyer’s office. How about for the child? A child's parent can change the child’s name . This is done by the parent signing a deed poll on the child’s behalf.It is not uncommon after a...

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离婚后的建屋发展局 (HDB) 组屋单位安排

根据建屋发展局 (HDB) 年报(2017/2018),新加坡居民中有81%居住在组屋单位内。因此,在许多离婚中,配偶想知道离婚时他们的组屋单位会发生什么事是理所当然。 配偶通过组建局 (HDB) 资格计划,通过婚姻为家庭核心而共同获得了组屋单位。离婚后,家庭核心不再存在。建屋局将要求离婚夫妇处理此类单位。处理组屋单位有几种可能的方法。 1)租赁协议 (Agreement for...

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Financial relief in Singapore after a foreign divorce

Introduction. With 65.63 millions passengers movement in 2018 according to the Changi Airport, Singapore is very much connected to the world. Consequently for locals,  we have plenty of choices of where to get married. This is as result of our travels and...

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Your HDB flat & Divorce

According to HDB's Annual Report (2017/2018), 81% of the population in Singapore live in HDB flats. It is therefore not surprising in most divorces, the parties would want to know what will happen to their HDB flat upon a divorce. ...

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Reaching Settlement before a Divorce

You can resolve your differences with your spouse in many ways and this can be done even before going to the court. This is because early resolution processes are available. Early settlement of your case can avoid the trauma of a Court hearing. The biggest advantage...

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How to Resolve Parenting Conflicts

Quite often, conflicts in parenting style can lead to marital breakdown and worst, it manifests itself during the divorce process. It is clear that we are born and raised differently and no one shares the same childhood experience. As a parent, we tend to have...

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