The spread of the COVID-19 has to be controlled.  A nationwide effort is required to break the circuit of spreading. For instance, many children are having home-based learning (HBL) as part of the measures. During this circuit breaking period, we have several recommendations for divorced couple. This is summarized from the various guidelines from the relevant authorities and the laws.

First of all, do not send your children to the care of their grandparents. The cutting off of regular households’ interactions will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most importantly, the older folks can be protected from any infection.

The above can be excepted if:

(1) both your former spouse and you are essential service workers and unable to work from home;

(2) You are a healthcare professional and is unable work from home; or

(3) you are an essential service worker who is unable to work from home and have child/children under 3 years old.

Parent is to stay at home. In other words, go out only to to purchase daily necessities, essential services; or for urgent medical needs.

Parents are allowed to transfer temporary custody or care of a child pursuant to any agreement regarding the access rights of a parent of the child; or in discharge of a legal obligation. However, please do be mindful that the overall principle is that it has to be in the child’s interest.

For parents with supervised exchange and supervised visits, you can call MSF at 63240024 for assistance.

For maintenance or domestic violence cases, you can continue to apply or proceed at the Family Justice Courts.

Meanwhile, please continue to practice safe distancing and personal hygiene.

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