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Planning on buying, selling, mortgaging or refinancing your property? For property transactions in Singapore, it is essential to consult a lawyer for your property related transactions given the sheer volume of rules and legislation involved and which are constantly evolving. Our team of property lawyers can help you ensure that your transactions are legally valid and enforceable in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling of private properties (both commercial and residential);
  • Buying and selling of Housing and Development Board (HDB) properties;
  • Financing pertaining to the purchase of any property;
  • Redemption of loans;
  • Preparation of Tenancy Agreements for both Landlords and Tenants;
  • Preparation of Lease Agreements pertaining to commercial and private properties;
  • Settle post-divorce property transactions and transfers;
  • The transfer of shares in property;
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney pertaining to HDB and private properties, whether commercial or residential;
  • Severance of joint tenancies and creation of tenancies in common.

The above is not a complete list of the services we provide but they give you an idea. Call us at 6532 9980 and ask to be connected to a conveyancing lawyer for your queries.  


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